Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We Three Kingpins

A few weeks ago, I found a Kingpin mini in a $1 heroclix box at the local gaming store. The Kingpin character himself isn't going to be in this campaign, but it occurred to me that a big chunky bruiser in a suit might still be a good mini to have for this campaign, so I bought him. I added a "fedora" (17th-century floppy hat with crease filed in) and repainted him in non-kingpin colors, and he turned out great. So I bought two more Kingpin clix online, mildly converted and repainted them too.

Warlord Marine and Pulp Figures cop for scale

I love how the sculpts are different enough that they look like entirely different big dudes, and not just palette swaps of the same character. They will probably not represent specific NPCs, but rather "the big guy" within a group of thugs/minions. The Pat Roach of a given combat encounter, if you will...

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