Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Godlike is the title of a table-top roleplaying game about superpowered soldiers in a WWII setting. It's been very influential in planning this whole project, although I will probably use its less-constrained successor Wild Talents for the actual rules.

Godlike is also an apt descriptor for these four, probably the most physically powerful characters that will exist in this campaign. Hercules might be available as a playable character since superhuman strength is his *only* power, but the other three are just as strong and can also fly and do other stuff as well, so they are all strictly NPCs. Fighting even one of them would be an epic encounter...

Bonus: another Superman vs Namor staredown vignette, using custom Chicago scenery (more on that later)...

Friday, May 11, 2018

A wizard is never late, nor is he early...

...he arrives precisely when he means to.

Here is a quartet of golden-age magic characters, arranged in order of ascending sartorial flamboyance:

The first is Doctor Occult. I could not find any actual minis of him, but since he's just a dude wearing a fedora and trenchcoat, I painted up a heroclix "Maggia Goon". He's definitely reaching for his mystic talisman, not a handgun.

Next is Zatara, golden-age father of the much more famous Zatanna. He's a heroclix Zatara, but fully repainted and with a bowtie I made from paper.

After him is Sargon the Sorceror, not to be confused with the ancient kings or fascist youtuber named Sargon. Another converted heroclix, the original model had an absurdly tiny head, so I replaced it with a plastic medieval Arab head from a historical kit.

Finally we have the Ancient One, washed and highlighted but not converted at all. The character was not invented until the 60s, but would have existed in the 30s, much like Howard Stark and Vandal Savage.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

two more NPCs: Mr. President and friend

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with a scientific advisor, Howard Stark.

Stark's kid won't invent the Iron Man suit for another three decades, so I wonder what's in the red suitcase?

Howard is (perhaps obviously) a Tony Stark repaint. FDR is a Professor X mini, with hair added and face resculpted a bit.

Friday, May 4, 2018

A Tale of Three Furies

My first heroclix order of the year just came in. Part of the order was a trio of Nick Furies (Nicks Fury?). I couldn't decide which I liked most and they were cheap, so I got all three.

And boy am I glad I did. Look at that scale difference! Included Commissioner Gordon and a Kingpin for scale.

Some heroes, some villains

Hi again. It's getting close to summer, which means it's blockbuster season. Which means superhero movies on the big screen, which means my interest in this project gets revived.

Here are some new heroclix. I think Human Torch is the only full repaint in this batch.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Interwar test figures

One thing that always helps me buy into a superhero scene is the presence of capable, competent non-superhumans backing up the superhero in their fight against evil. From the Avengers battling aliens alongside NYC cops and National Guard, to Wonder Woman spearheading an assault across no-man's-land, the involvement of soldiers and/or law enforcement (or even civilians, though that's a good bit rarer in our militaristic culture) helps add some weight and scope to superheroic do-goodery.

So with that in mind, I've grabbed some WWII plastic kits, with an eye towards building some late 1930s troops. With head swaps and a bit of conscientiousness about their weapons, I've made and painted my first marine and first army infantryman (with an unconverted Pulp Figures gangster for comparison).

Both soldiers are made from the appropriate Warlord Games kit. The marine has a head from the AWI Continental Infantry kit, with the crown of the hat cut down a bit to look more like a campaign hat. The army man has a brodie-helmeted head that I bought from Anvil Industries. I don't know if the rest of their kit is strictly accurate for 1938, but I think the heads do a good job of signifying "not 1942 yet!"

I rather like how these two turned out, so I will be painting the rest of their squads soon.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We Three Kingpins

A few weeks ago, I found a Kingpin mini in a $1 heroclix box at the local gaming store. The Kingpin character himself isn't going to be in this campaign, but it occurred to me that a big chunky bruiser in a suit might still be a good mini to have for this campaign, so I bought him. I added a "fedora" (17th-century floppy hat with crease filed in) and repainted him in non-kingpin colors, and he turned out great. So I bought two more Kingpin clix online, mildly converted and repainted them too.

Warlord Marine and Pulp Figures cop for scale

I love how the sculpts are different enough that they look like entirely different big dudes, and not just palette swaps of the same character. They will probably not represent specific NPCs, but rather "the big guy" within a group of thugs/minions. The Pat Roach of a given combat encounter, if you will...