Friday, July 15, 2016

Things I Am Learning About The 1930s

One aspect of this project that I am very much enjoying is the research. I've been learning as much as I can about the era, because period detail is a great way to add atmosphere to a game. Additionally, I'm starting to work on some miniature buildings and scenery, and I want them to be reasonably accurate.

Neon signage was common, having been around for decades.

Radios were present in about 80% of households.

Refrigerators either did not have freezers, or only very small ones for ice cube trays.

Parking meters had just been invented in the middle of the decade.

Air-conditioning existed, but window-mounted units did not.

Schlitz was the most popular American beer.

One of my likely players mentioned feeling that he knows less about the 1930s than he does about some fictional worlds he's gamed in. So a bunch of these everyday factoids, and a timeline of 1930s "current events", will eventually get compiled into a little handout to act as a sort of primer for the era.

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