Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Project Summary

I am planning an RPG campaign. It will be set in the United States in 1938. The player characters, and many of the NPCs, will be costumed heroes. Some may be superhuman, others highly-capable well-equipped "regular" humans.

If you wish to peruse my other blog, you will see that I enjoy collecting, painting and converting miniatures.So while most superhero RPGs do not require the use of minis, I will be using miniatures anyway. And not just for the heroes and villains, but also bystanders, vehicles and buildings.

This blog will include both the physical hobbyist aspects of the project (collecting, converting, painting) and the historical research and adventure writing. Probably there will also be an occasional bit of editorializing. With luck, this blog will eventually include after-action reports from actual play.

Further details, and maybe even some actual content, to follow...

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